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Christmas Fundraising Drive -- Our goal is $7,500 -- Thanks for helping us out!

$1300 raised (GOAL: $7,500) -- Thanks for donating this holiday season.

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Meals for Moms

The May 2013 edition of the Knights of Columbus newsletter - Knightline, carries an article on how to be supportive of moms, entitled "Meals for Moms."

The article is providential. This afternoon I received a call on our toll-free line (1-855-871-4442) from a young woman, 23 weeks pregnant seeking help for her rent and food.

To end abortion we need to be supportive of women and their children.

We spoke twice, the first time to gather information about her circumstances and the second, to transmit some helpful phone numbers to her.

Also, we made tentative plans to meet tomorrow mid-day so as to see how her calls panned out and how we at the Quebec Life Coalition can be of further help. Please keep us in your prayers.

As for the KofC article, here are some excerpts from the article.

As part of your council's outreach to the community, consider launching a program to provide meals for mothers in need in your area. Hosting such events throughout the year will not only help meet the physical needs of these women and their children, but also act as testimony that there are people concerned with their welfare who are there to support them.

These meals can be served at the council hall or in conjunction with another local group such as a crisis pregnancy center, a shelter for women or similar type of organization. The program should be opened up to women at these facilities, the mothers in the community who are in need or lonely with no place to do.

The council program should be announced in advance and advertised at participating organizaton, in local news ...

As an added touch, when possible, try to have volunteers serve the mothers (and their children) rather than having them move through cafeteria-style lines. It will be just one more way to show that the Knights are there to help.


Christmas Fundraising Drive -- Our goal is $7,500 -- Thanks for helping us out!

$1300 raised (GOAL: $7,500) -- Thanks for donating this holiday season.

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