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Log Day 2 – 40 Days for Life Vigil

The Grandeur of Nature

One of the grander examples of God's creating hand is the weather. During these first three days of this year's 40 Days for Life prayer vigil, we have had quite a varied taste.

At the Tuesday evening kickoff, a dozen or so participants witnessed the pristine beauty of Montreal's Lahaie park. The grounds were covered in a thick coat of mostly undisturbed freshly fallen snow. The air was still and the temps a bit nippy; the passing motorists and pedestrians were soon forgotten to us gathered on an embankment slightly removed from the street.

Quebec Life Coalition President, Mr. Georges Buscemi welcomed us, mentioning that there were another 246 other communities participating in this year's vigil from around the world, ten of whom in Spain. Other speakers included myself, Mr. Lecomte, Andrew Horwood – who led the group in prayer, and Charlotte L'Heureux who added her typical dose of congenial joie de vivre. Yet, the highlight for many by far was the presence of little, two-month old Maximillien Buscemi. Nestled warmly in the arms of his loving mother, Natalia, he brought additional joy to this evening. Finally, in a candle light procession, the group then proceeded into a warm waiting hall where some libations were waiting; fellowship continued for some time.

Wednesday morning greeted the first vigilers with cool temps in the mid-negative teens, with a steady wind blowing. The first order of business was preparing the site. To this end, Charlotte had showed some forethought for she arrived shovel in hand. Working together, we cleared between six to eight inches of snow and using a dandelion-remover, again which Charlotte had brought, to clear the old dug-out holes used at last Fall's vigil.  Afterwards, the banner support frame, with some coaxing, fitted into these. At about this time, Carl Brièrre arrived and lent a hand to fasten the banner onto its frame.

Finally, today --Thursday--, we saw it all: steady snow in the morning, freezing rain at mid-day, and rain in latter parts of the afternoon.  As for the next couple of days warmer climes are forecasted with some wet stuff becaue of the above freezing temps.

Through it all – snow, cold, and rain–the vigilers come and go. Our sacrifices and our prayers continue and God replies with graces both for us and all those for whose intentions we remember. We are thankful.


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