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Introducing our Pro-life Resource Centre

In an effort to create more English content, we are starting a new project. Each week, we will be highlighting a pro-life resource that we think you should know about. This may be a book, a website, a video, a movie. Throughout the months to come, we will build up a repertoire of useful pro-life material, with a short commentary on each.

Most of our time at Quebec Life coalition has been geared to better serve our francophone supporters. This is natural, since most Quebecers are francophones. In addition to that, in the past few years, we have expanded our reach to many francophones outside of the province of Quebec, as no other pro-life organization creates regular content for francophone Canadians.

But it is also important to note that we have many anglophone supporters who live in Quebec. In addition, we have many anglophones from outside our borders who also support our mission and have a vested interest in advancing the pro-life cause in our province.

As you may imagine, this language situation is one of the main challenges we face. It is a lot of work to do things in two languages, but that is the reality we live in. Sending correspondence to our supporters in their preferred language is important to us. The other main challenge we face is the geography. Quebec is a vast province; Canada is a large country.

We want to create a series of pro-life resources that will be of interest and benefit to all pro-life Canadians. Our French resource series will sadly be more limited, since many pro-life resources are not available in French (yet). We will continue to encourage and support the translation of pro-life books and other materials to better cater to French Canadians.

Here is the first entry in our series, a short volume by David Cooke called “Trudeau’s MAiD Service—a Euthanasia Program for Canada.”


For Life, 
Arpad Nagy

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