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Guy Turcotte and Our Children

Dr. Guy Turcotte was released earlier this week from prison week after having served 46 months for killing his two children - a five year-old and a three year-old. The sentence was light as he was found by a jury to be not criminally responsible for his actions. The following editorial by Mr. Rénald Veilleux (Gatineau, Qc) is a good reflection on this incident and the general moral climate in the province of Quebec.

Yes, it is sad and disturbing to think that Dr. Guy Turcotte could do such a thing toward his children. Such insensitivity, such violence against his own children. He must have been seriously blinded either by madness or rage or both?

A similar conclusion applies unfortunately to how many other people or parents who do away with the lives of innocent victims, of their own children.

Where are we as a society? Have we lost our bearings, our basic and moral values for the respect for all human life?

I can not help but draw a parallel with the life of the unborn child and the fate that we reserve for it all too often. Yet, here, few people are indignant, are outraged.

Some of us who are scandalized at the behavior of Dr Guy Turcotte do not hesitate to end the life of the unborn for various reasons. It was not planned... it's going to bother us, endebt us etc. ..... and these reasons to eliminate are numerous and easy particularly as they are supported by the majority and funded through our taxes.

Our governments lack the money to help the poorest in our society, but they have the money to fund abortions.

Is it any wonder that our society is on the road to bankruptcy?

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