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Being Grateful

As we enter more fully into this holiday period, I recently took the opportunity to take stock of my life and was surprised by a strong feeling of gratitude.

I am grateful to God for my wife and my four boys, for my benevolent parents, for my health (apart from stubborn case of sinusitis ...).

I am also particularly grateful to God for having encouraged you, our benefactors, with great generosity, a generosity that provides me the invaluable gift of freedom.

Georges_.PNGMy wife, my peers agree that I must be among the freest men in Quebec, and this is largely due to your generosity. Let me explain.

Suppose you are a politician, and you publicly state that abortion is an evil and every effort must be made to reduce it. Your fate is predictable – out you go.

If you are a teacher and object to the ethics and religious culture course or the new so-called "sex education" course, get ready to be rebuffed and possibly fired.

In the event that you are a psychiatrist or psychologist, and you give the opinion – along with evidence to support your claim - that homosexuality in some people could possibly be reversed, your career is at risk. Are you a social worker who publicly states that children benefit greatly from having a father and a mother at home? You will most likely be looking for another job.

Would you have a prestigious job as a senior public official, if you were seen outside praying for the end of the abortion, sign in hand? Unlikely.

In fact, for the public servant or the employee of a large corporation, for the director of an organization receiving government donations, or for the TV or radio star, freedom of speech is almost impossible because their financial security depends on a government or big corporations with a mundane anti-life, anti-family and anti-God spirit. Everyone feels so compelled to remain silent or utter the annoying politically correct clichés of our era.

On the other hand, your generosity allows me as well as my peers at the Quebec Life Coalition to tell the truths which others dare not.truths which others dare not.

Over the past year we have published hundreds of articles denouncing abortion, euthanasia, the deleterious effects of homosexual "marriage" on society. In November of this year I was interviewed on a radio talk show and expressed truths that would have gotten me fired from many jobs. Yet because of your generosity, you permit that in Quebec there is at least one organization that can time and time again speak out against the excesses of our time.

Gratitude and …

This feeling of gratitude, this freedom of speech that you allow us, is accompanied by a deep feeling of guilt: have I made the most of this freedom? Have I spoken enough, with enough frankness, skill, and vigor?

Until now we have neglected to express our message in places where many contemporaries gather, that is, on YouTube and other sites hosting online videos.

Yet, recently, we put an end to this lacuna, by rearranging my office into a studio, procuring equipment that will permit the production and editing of video films. You can see the results here:

Of course, none of this is possible except through God, who acts through you, encouraging you to give generously. And for that I thank Him, and I thank you.

On behalf of my family and the whole team of Quebec Life Coalition, I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Georges Buscemi, President
Quebec Life Coalition

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