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Gladiatorial Rome

Has much changed between gladiatorial Rome and today's western society?

Back then, the life or death fate of the arena combatants was determined by Caesar. Were he to turn his thumb upward, the combatant would live; downward ... death.

In contemporary society, the fate of the unborn is as precariously determined as that of gladiators of old. In our times, it is either the pregnant woman or those exercising undue force on her that decide.

In "Caesar's Thumb," Lord Nicholas Windsor laments as much:

We live in what is truly a moral world turned upside down, and the greatest irony may be that a broad consensus exists, in a highly rights-aware political establishment, in favor of one of the gravest and most egregious abuses of human rights that human society has ever tolerated. Didn't Europeans think they could never and must never kill again on an industrial scale? What a cruel deceit, then, that has led us to this mass killing of children, for a theoretical greater good, which in this case is simply the wish not to be bound by a pregnancy unless it is fully and feely chosen, and which, outside of that parameter, is declared, by fiat, to be null and void.

Lord Windsor argues for a new "New Abolitionism for Europe." He admits that though the first abolitionism in late 19th century America may not be a perfect template for current events, yet the courage and imagination shown then need be carried over to contemporary circumstances.

Read the full article here.

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