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Death of Henry Morgentaler - Montreal Gazette's Lopsided Coverage

I’m disappointed with today's coverage in the Montreal Gazette concerning the death of Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

The abortionist died yesterday morning from a heart attack in his Toronto home.

Here at the Quebec Life Coalition, the phone rang off the hook all day, from reporters seeking comments from us. Not one nor two but three television crews came by the office seeking interviews and comments for their respective networks.

In the evening two more televison crews came by Lahaie Park as several of us gathered in a prayerful vigil across the street from the mill that bares his name. Despite condemning his actions, we prayed for the repose of the most notorious Canadian in history.

Returning to the Gazette's coverage, two full pages appear in today's print version. I agree with federal minister Rona Ambrose that Mr. Morgentaler was a big figure in Canadian history and made a huge impact on the nation.

His legacy for all Canadians is a very disappointing one. The epithet ‘One dead, one wounded,’ I think, justly summarizes this legacy to our nation. Yet, this summary is incomplete for the horrific consequences of abortion goes beyond the principal parties of mother and child to embrace many others – father of the child, parents, friends, and ultimately society as a whole.

Until society addresses the question how can we help both the mother and the child in her womb, the horror will continue.

p.s. Here are two good articles by Andrea Mrozek (RealWomenProLife). One is entitled 'On the death of Dr. Henry Morgentaler and the other, appearing in the Ottawa Citizen, 'There is a Life at the Heart of the Matter.' The latter explores the idea of 'choice' and cites a personal experience with a victim of Dr. Morgentaler.

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