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Day 14: 184 Babies Saved

Yesterday I wrote that the 40 Days for Life Vigil site was drawing people from all around the Montreal area to come and give a prayerful presence against abortion. Likewise it is drawing persons opposed to this goal.

This past Thursday, a group of eight men and women in their early to mid twenties converged on the site at the corner of St. Joseph E. and St. Laurent blvds. With homemade signs stating "Pro-Choice", they milled about for about twenty minutes before heading off into warmer climes. During their stay, I was approached by one, a young woman, who wondered about the sign indicating the number of Saved Babies. I explained the source of the number - the national 40 Days for Life web site, and the reporting method - emails sent to the central office from the 256 or so current vigil locations from around the world (e.g., 10 in Canada, 9 Spain, 7 Australia).

After the conversation had ended, we went our separate ways. Shortly there after, I notice that the scarf that had been draped around this young woman had found a new location - spanning the homemade sign indicating the number of saved babies! Does hiding the truth lessen it in anyway?

The vigil runs through to and including Sunday April 1, daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Have you made plans to drop by? Love to see you there.

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