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Creating an Informed Electorate

Dear pro-Lifer,

I have some very good news for you. But first, I would like to share with you some post-election thoughts.

I’m writing to you the day after the provincial election. We find ourselves with a Parti Québécois government, a minority one – 54 seats compared to the Liberals 50 and the remaining 11 divided between two other parties. This is the best possible outcome we could have hoped for.

Having said this, those of you who voted for either the Quebec Liberal Party or the CAQ (Coalition pour l’Avenir du Québec) on September 4th would have endorsed a government that maintains the status quo on the 30 000 annual lives - innocent lives, lost yearly via abortions, not to mention those now threatened by euthanasia.

What to conclude? It is clear that partisan politics, in both the short and middle terms, can do little to slow or halt the culture of death here in Quebec. The reason being simple: the dominant culture does not permit a change to occur.

This dominant culture (the culture of the mass media, the university elites, celebrities in the entertainment world, etc.) deforms consciences to such an extent that the ballot count on election night all but confirms what we all already know: the majority of Quebecers, disorientated by the pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro “gay-marriage” propaganda, voted for death. There are simply not enough people converted to fundamental truths to reverse this strong tendency.

So, what do we do? Despair is not an option. If the problem is simple, so then also is the solution: we need to focus on converting less our provincial representatives – i.e., the dominant culture, than our fellow citizens! I spoke of a simple solution, not an easy one…

Evidently, converting our fellow citizens to the pro-life and the pro-family position (and so arrive at a pro-life electorate) is a gargantuan task, and our organization alone is not able to bring this about. Yet we can play a pivotal part by adopting a focussed goal: provide our fellow citizens with a political education.

What is a political education? The lesson to be given, and repeated without end, may be summarized in the following manner: those who profess to be Christians or who affirm to have good values but who believe that their values must remain personal, private, not linked with their external lives, nor with politics, these are off course, for to preserve one’s values, one needs to live them, which means to put them into practice in our relationships. Our deepest values, for them to be living values, need have a public expression – i.e., a political expression.

A political education is principally a consistent education. If we are Christians, if we are pro-life, can we really vote while disregarding the number one social issue of our time - the fate of the unborn child? If we claim to be profoundly pro-life and pro-family, are we any less so in our daily lives, when we engage with the greater world and, especially, when we enter the voting booth to mark our ballot?

Yet, at times, when confronted with both concrete and complex situations, it is difficult to know how to integrate our pro-life and pro-family values. Such is the work of the Quebec Life Coalition: to form citizens apt to act concretely, consistent with the good values that founded Quebec society.

Another goal of the Quebec Life Coalition is to rouse people of good will who remain inactive, who are unaware at which point the Quebec society is in danger of disappearing through the death blow of abortions, euthanasia, and nefarious politics.

Over the following months, you will observe the extent to which our work is centred on the following two points:

Revealing the existential problem to which we all face; and

Informing citizens politically so that once informed, citizens can concretely act in their respective areas, for the good of all.

Earlier, I had promised you some good news. Here it is. It is with great pleasure that I announce that, in the context of our annual congress which will be this coming October 6 in Granby, Qc, we have a very special guest - none other than the Honourable Stephen Woodworth. (The member of Parliament for Kitchener-Center will be presenting at the end of September his motion 312 in Parliament which aims to revise the definition of a human being in the Canada’ criminal code. Presently, Section 223.1 stipulates that a child becomes a human being once it has completely exited, alive, from his mother’s womb.) I invite you to read the congress announcement, included herewith, for further information about Mr. Woodworth and the congress. It’s not to be missed! Mark it on your calendars.

Yours in faith,

Georges Buscemi, President

Quebec Life Coalition

p.s. We are about to enter a period of intense activity: our twice annual 40 Days for Life prayer vigil, our annual congress, monthly conferences, … Your support as always is greatly appreciated.

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