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Counting our Blessings

The blessings of summer are here – warmth and sunshine, fresh produce, time for travel and for spending with dear ones.

We've noticed and are benefiting yet without neglecting our duty to defend faith, family and life, from conception to a natural death.

I recently reveled in a four-day pilgrimage to Washington, D.C., where along with fifty others visited shrines, museums and famous spots.

Also, I got to travel to Phoenix, AZ, with my colleague Mario Richard to attend a pro-life symposium. Well over 150 people leaders within the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion movement met to share pro-life experiences.

For instance, Carmela spoke about starting a 40-day vigil in her native Columbia. Overwhelmed by the number of abortion facilities in her town she invited friends to an evening of prayer and to brainstorm on how to end the slaughter of the innocent. The answer came from the lips of a friend: “Have you heard of 40 Days for Life?” She hadn’t and, upon learning more, decided to register to become a campaign leader. God responded.

They built it, …

… and people came!

Carmela was awed by the outpouring of support that the vigil attracted. And it did not end there. Her initiative inspired many others in Columbia to do likewise in their own municipalities in subsequent vigils, proving that across the Columbia and in the rest of the world people want to see the end of abortion.

A second testimony came from Sue Thayer. Sue shared her experience of journeying FROM being a Planned Parenthood (PP) manager in Iowa TO becoming a 40 Days for Life vigil leader at the very clinic she managed!

Again God responded gracing this 17-year former PP manager to comprehend the horrible and destructive force that abortion is. (Sue’s testimony may be found in this month’s newsletter.)

Uniting around the Word of God as found in Sacred Scripture which she made available at the vigil location, the people from the different churches united to pray, resulting in the subsequent closing of the abortion facility!

With your support, here in Quebec, Columbia, Iowa, and across the world, we will achieve the end of abortion. Consider joining us this fall, beginning on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, as Montreal hosts its twentieth 40-day prayer vigil for the end of abortion.

Much more is planned to build up the culture of life and you are invited!

  • Corn on the Cob/Open house, set for Sunday, August 19, 2018. The president of the Catholic Parents’ Association of Quebec, Mr. Jean-Léon Laffitte, will be our guest speaker. The day begins at noon on the grounds of Saint-Émile church, 3333 Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal.
  • August 22-24, 2018, ten to twelve of us will travel to Halifax, NS, to attend the national Conservative Party of Canada Congress. We wish to strengthen the party’s pro-life platform especially as a federal election set for fall 2019.
  • Pilgrimage for Life is set for Saturday, September 15, 2018, a day-long event, travelling to 3 abortion facilities and 3 holy places, offering prayers and sacrifices to Our Lord that He intercede on behalf on the unborn children threatened by abortion. You can join us on our chartered bus.
  • Life Chain is set for Sunday, September 30, 2018. For details call us at (514) 344-2686.

Finally, we remain steadfast in the defense of life of the unborn child and the women living a crisis pregnancy. We are ever manning our toll-free phone line along with the “Enceinte et Inquiète” Web site, as witnessed these past few weeks, helping four mothers and one gentleman with their struggles regarding a pregnancy and raising their children.

In conclusion, Our Lord has blessed with copious fruits particularly during these summer months. Mindful of these, let us not be remised in defending faith, family and life as our opposition is ever at work undermining the culture of life. Thank you for your support!


Brian Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator

Quebec Life Coalition


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