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Charity, Clarity, Chastity: Prayer vigil


Will you watch one hour with me?


You are invited to sign up for an hour of reparation prayer as part of a campaign to help our same-sex attracted (SSA) brothers and sisters.

This worthwhile initiative, their second, is coordinated by Courage Reparational Group Toronto and EnCourage Toronto to coincide with Toronto's yearly Pride Week.

Participants can register for a time slot in which to pray, fast, and offer sacrifice by visiting the coordinator's website.

Three prayer intentions are being offered. These are:

 Charity: We repent of any ways in which persons with SSA or gender identity conflicts have been the object of unjust discrimination, including violent malice in speech or in action, and have been abandoned, rejected, or denied unconditional love. We affirm that there is a place in the Church for persons with SSA and gender identity conflicts, who are included in the universal call to holiness.

C​larity: We repent of any distortions of Church teaching as properly expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs 2357 to 2359. We affirm that same-sex acts cannot be approved under any circumstances; that same-sex inclinations are objectively disordered, signifying concupiscence and yet not in and of themselves sinful; and that persons, regardless of their inclinations and acts, are made in the image of God, have intrinsic dignity, and are to be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.

Chastity: We repent of any sins against God’s plan for male and female complementarity and the gift of human life, including, but not limited to immodesty, masturbation, artificial birth control and artificial reproductive technologies, abortion, pornography, sexual abuse, adultery, fornication, polygamy, prostitution, no-fault divorce, and same-sex acts. We affirm the unitive and procreative meanings of authentic married love; and the treasure of holy celibacy as lived by single persons, religious, and priests.

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