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Quebec Life Coalition defends the human person from conception until natural death.



Challenging the Federal Liberals

In these times of increasing attacks on faith, family and life in Quebec and Canada, we may become discouraged. On the other hand, we must not forget all the good that is being done to resist and even to reverse these bad tendencies. Over the past year, the Quebec Life Coalition, with your support, has also been active in the fight on several fronts:

Website: We cannot ignore the power of the media. Unfortunately, this power in the last decades has been at the service of evil. This is why the Quebec Life Coalition regularly publishes news translated from reliable sources, which otherwise would not be available in French Canada. Our website receives an average of 20,000 to 25,000 visitors per month.

Annual Symposium: Annually we present a conference that brings together our activists to inform them about the issues of faith, family and life, from conception to natural death. It is a high point of the year when social conservatives and committed Christians meet.

40 Days for Life: Twice a year, we invite Christians in Montreal to pray and fast for the end of the abortion. In addition to more than 300 other participating cities around the world, our 40-day vigils in front of abortion clinics are a great way to fight the deadly culture we live in.

March for Life: This annual walk brings together 20,000 people in Ottawa and is a great opportunity to showcase our pro-life convictions, asking the government to protect the unborn child from the moment of conception. The Quebec Life Coalition promotes the event in Quebec, chartering buses from various places in the province so people can attend.

Elections 2018 - 2019 - Conservative Congress Halifax: The Quebec Life Coalition is seeking to amend our federal and provincial laws to make them fairer. We must therefore challenge our politicians by all means available, before, during and after the elections. As well, later this summer we will join several other pro-life organisations from across the country to promote faith, family and life at the Conservative Party convention in Halifax.

Videos: Although we had to interrupt production of YouTube videos, we hope to restart this fall. The videos (of our apologetics seminars and our defense of life and the family) are a great way to spread our values.

Trial: Our lawyer, working pro bono, will soon begin a lawsuit against the Quebec government and its restrictive law against our freedom of expression outside Quebec's abortion facilities. For we need to assert our right to public expression of our disagreement with abortion, and resist any attempt at unjust censorship.

Voice of the Family: This international group of pro-life organizations, of which The Quebec Life Coalition is a member, meets annually in Rome to study more deeply the problems that we have to solve and to propose possible solutions. This gathering represents an unparalleled way to network among top pro-life groups and acquire resources to continue the good fight.

Apologetics Courses: These seminars aim to give a solid foundation to defend one’s pro-God, pro-family and pro-life convictions. Ranging from philosophy to community activism, through Christian apologetics, these courses are offered in both French and English and given on our premises to classes of 15-20 people. We intend one day to make them available online.

Saint-Enfant-Jésus Center: We support this Center which aims to help pregnant women in difficulty and founded on a solid Christian foundation. It seeks to help pregnant women in distress to make the right choice for them and their child. This center, aided by a Montreal pro-life medical doctor, will also provide housing for these women in need. (The Center is currently looking for new lodgings; a vacant rectory has been found and hopefully it will be the centre’s new home soon.)

The toll-free phone line along the “Enceinte et Inquiète” Web site: Complementing the Center, this toll-free line (1-855-871-4442), managed by the Quebec Life Coalition, and the accompanying website offers women experiencing a crisis in their pregnancy provides an important alternative to the pro-abortion government agencies. Women wishing to continue their pregnancy are referred to resources in their community.

You now see that many ways in which we are working to repair the ills in our country - thank you for helping us to continue to defend faith, family and life, from conception to natural death!


Georges Buscemi


Quebec Life Coalition


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