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Being Active

Summer is here and the weather these past few days leave no doubt about that – sunny, hot, and humid.

While doing the daily outdoor vigil, I’m blessed not only by the morning freshness but also to stand in the shadow of a large skyscraper. Also, once the sun climbs above this building, I can cross over to the other side of the street where shade has yet to disappear. This second spot suffices for the balance of the morning vigil.

This morning’s vigil had some drama. Not long after my arrival, I noticed a young couple who had parked their car not far from where I stood, yet within the zone that I am prevented by law from crossing into. With bated breath, I watched them closely awaiting a moment they would look in my direction permitting me to show them my pregnant support sign. This moment never came. The couple eventually entered the building where the abortion facility has its offices. I was disappointed.

Yet I was consoled in three ways. First, I was joined by Mary. She faithfully comes weekly, staying for about an hour and reciting with me a variety of prayers.

Next Karen arrived, a local homeless person whom I have come to know over the years, She frequently asks for alms. This morning was no different. I told her that I would buy her some food were she to wait but another fifteen minutes, the time remaining in my daily vigil. I have stopped giving her cash as she has a history of substance abuse. She didn’t wait.

Finally, my initial disappointment was allayed by several well-wishers who affirmed our presence. While Mary and I were praying, a woman walked over to thank us and immediately thereafter a first gentleman and then a second acknowledged their support with a smile and a gesture as they continued their way.

I wish to thank you for your on-going support of this and other activities we do at the Quebec Life Coalition (QLC). If you wish to help us further, consider making a donation HERE.

On the topic of our activities, this past June we did a similar public testimony - a walking pilgrimage through the streets of downtown Montreal. Since its inception in 2017, we have hosted eight different pilgrimages, different in terms of path taken but alike in that each stopping near abortion facilities where prayers of reparation for the lives lost and the families wounded by abortion were done. Over the years, we have prayed outside thirteen abortion centres.

With approximately 30 000 abortions per year in Quebec alone, the task before us, the end abortion, is monumental. Yet, we take courage in knowing that the fight is not our own but that of Our Lord. We are mere instruments. In humility we subordinate ourselves to the Divine Will in varied ways and so when miracles happen, when women and the public change see the harm of abortion, we know that it is not of our own doing but His.

This summer we will also be active politically as four of us will attend the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) national convention planned for Quebec City the first week of September. We are planning to attend as delegates so as to vote in favour of pro-life policies into that party’s platform.

Why the Conservatives? The other federal policies – the Liberals, the New Democrats, the Bloc Québecois, are unmoved and unrepentant in their lack of defense for the protection of unborn life. And though only about 40% of the CPC membership is pro-life, we at the QLC are networking with other Canadian groups to bolster this number and vote in solid pro-life policies.

Lastly, we are not forgetful of being active recreationally. Our annual corn-on-the-cob is scheduled for Saturday, August 12, 2023. Open to all, this afternoon event – corn will be served beginning at noon and clean up will be begin around 3pm, has yet to disappoint.

As in years past, we have a guest speaker, Dr. Paul Saba, MD. The doctor is a public figure well known in his defense of life from conception to natural death.

Christ alone, who is Life itself, touches hearts, making them accept sacrifices which necessarily form part of a life in a society which respects every human being at every stage of its development.

Thank you for you ongoing support at building a culture of life.

Sincerely Yours,


Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
(438) 930-8643
[email protected]


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