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40 Days Log Day 17- Active Day at the Site

     It sure has been a busy day at the site, with numerous people showing up. Jerome Fernandez and Charlotte L'heureux were both there early and together we got the banner up in record time, Jerry providing engineering insights and Charlotte some elbow grease and spiritual support.


Also, have a good look at the sign to the left.  (By clicking on it, it will be magnified.)  You may not see it around much longer.  Thanks to a generous benefactor, we have received a new banner and it should be ready within a few days for displaying.


IMG_1832.JPGIMG_1831.JPGCharlotte and I provided the early morning coverage.  It was a spetacularly beautiful day.  Bright sunshine off-setted the cool temps.  Needless to say; we spent much prayer time basking in the sunshine.




Around mid-day, we were delighted to have a group of five prayers arrive. These travelled all the way from Pincourt!  After reciting a rosary, they left promising to return in early April.


Another group of visitors were young people. Numbering between five and twelve today, they have been with us since Monday of this week, with as many as twenty present at times. Yet, this groups is different than the previous one. They are countering our presence in front of the Morgentaler facility.  With their own signs and waving to supportive motorists, they are advocating the culture of death mis-information.

IMG_1834.JPG   IMG_1836.JPG  IMG_1837.JPG

Yet, I consider it quite a blessing to have these young people there.  On the one hand, they elicit much favorable reaction from the motorists;  this shows me how much education needs to be done regarding justice to the unborn and the harm that abortion does to women and to others within our society.

It is also a blessing to witness to them about the love of Christ. In the last of the triptich, three of our prayers - Charlotte, Marta, and Emilia, are seen praying in front of them.  Further, because of either our peaceful co-existence with them or our more audacious souls such Charlotte and Phillipa who engage them in the occasional dialogue, we get to share the values that Christ encouraged us all to live by. 

Finally, as 3 p,m, rolled around and I left the site, three other prayer warriors showed up - Egon, Gregory, and a member from a local religious community.

Thank you all for your support. Working together we are saving the lives of our children and honouring women.


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