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40 Days for Life: Two Saved Babies !

Two Saved Babies.

It is with jubilation that I share that two Montreal mothers are carrying through with their pregnancies.

The day before yesterday I received a phone call from Jennifer (pseudoname), a mother of five who shared a story with me about her neighbour. The latter is twenty-two weeks pregnant and ultrasound revealed a fetal deformity - a missing hand. This was confirmed with a second ultrasound. The father was adamant about aborting this "imperfect" child, the mother sadly acquiescing. No conversation, email, from Frances or from another neighbour could dissuade the father. What prevailed eventually to save the life of this unborn was the protective instinct of the mother. She had wished to recover the aborted child and give it a proper burial. Yet as she soon learned aborted bodies are not returned to the parents and the child is dismembered prior to extracting. On hearing the latter, the mother seemed to awake from her slumber and became defensive toward the life budding inside of her. In short, no abortion.

The second saved concerns a foreign national carrying a 19-week old infant. Financial woes and immediate family pressures – parents and grand-mother, to abort wreaked havoc on her. She visited the abortion mill outside of which we are hosting the 40D4L prayer vigil for medical advice and see the infant inside of her. She left more frustrated than anything else and came to speak with us. We directed to various people in our aid network and now mother, father, and child are being accompanied along. Praise God.

Please keep these in your prayers as the wiles of the evil one are never too far off.

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