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40 Days for Life: Day 33 Reflection

Sunday October 28 Highlights: Families and especially the children, a couple visiting from Guelph, and the weather.

I was particularly touched at day's end. Several vigilers had brought their children to the vigil location. And as many of us were in prayer, I glanced around to spot them absorped in games. Their energy and enthousiasm was heart-warming.

I was also delighted to welcome Mike and his wife to the prayer site. They were driving back to their home in Guelph, ON, and decided to join us for an hour of prayer, despite the dark and ominous autumn clouds.

Finally, I felt deeply blessed at one point during the afternoon. It dawned on me how truly blessed I was to be privileged to have hearts revealed to me. In fact, I felt deeply humbled that persons, either for or against our cause, are willing to share with me something deep and personal. Some are joy-filled, radiating a beautiful smile as they pass me by. Others are hurt, frowning or doing worse as we make eye contact - feelings of hurt, sadness, and anger.

Yet God in his goodness and mercy has blessed me and them for what is often a very brief moment - two hearts exchanging on a matter so fundamental to our existence, the fate of the unborn.

Lord, may I always be charitable to all of these.

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