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QLC Newsletter for July : More D&P, 40 Days for Life in Quebec City

Here in the offices of the Quebec Life Coalition (QLC) we are as busy as ever. We are keeping abreast of current developments both in the prolife field and wherever attacks on our faith and values occur. As you peruse the July newsletter, you’ll see the wide geographical scope of recent events and this is only a sample. So thank you so very much for the continuous generous support you give to this ministry.

Locally we continue to foster the message of Life. For example, during the postal strike as I cycled around different parts of Montreal and Laval delivering the June newsletter, I took the opportunity to stuff non-QLC mailboxes with some extra newsletters to get the message out there.

Also, in addition to visiting pastors at their offices and parishioners both in Laval, N.D.G., and on the south shore, I have continued to keep a prayerful vigil at the Morgentaler facility. On the one hand, I meet with a fellow prayer – Ms. Charlotte L’Heureux, twice a week for a period of public prayer; not a week goes by that we were delightfully joined by a few others.

On the other hand, again a couple of other mornings per week, I move indoors, inside the neighbouring Enfant Jésus church, to join a few more prayer stalwarts after the morning mass for a more private devotion. These prayers and sacrifices all contribute to combating the cultural war.

Lest we forget that there is a cultural war going on. The late Holy Father, John Paul II coined the expression Culture of Death. American philosopher Peter Kreeft develops the theme in an article entitled How to Win the Cultural War he argues that to be fully prepared and armed for this battle, we need become holy and loving.

Yet how does one become holy and loving? Is there a method?

No. There is none. No prayers, no meditations, no 12-steps programs, no yogas, no psychological techniques, no techniques at all. There can be no button to push for sanctity, any more than for love. For sanctity is simply love: loving God with all your soul and mind and strength.

How do you love? You just do it. A cause cannot produce an effect greater than itself. And nothing in the world is greater than sanctity, nothing greater than love. Therefore, no cause, no human cause, can produce sanctity. There can never be any technology for sanctity.

One such area where we can act in a holy and loving manner is in regards to our response to the on- going turmoil at Development in Peace. D&P is not the only way to bring Christ’s message of love to those in need. There are alternatives. Here are three that focus on doing corporal works of mercy.

1. Chalice
Active on four continents, President Fr. Patrick Cosgrove writes about the work done by this organization particularly in Haiti following the earthquake of 2010. Regarding the latter, activities include general emergency relief – food and support, construction, and education. Elsewhere he refers to providing medi- cal help in Kenya. Finally I sense that there is an onus on helping children and that projects undertaken ha- ven been completed.

2. Mary Mother of the Poor
The home page for MMP clearly spells out both its Mission and Objectives. Respectively, these are ―to seek holiness in evangelizing & working with the poor through the intercessions of the Blessed Virgin Mary‖ and ―to Relieve Poverty; To Coordinate Health & Social Services; To Advance & Teach Catholic Tenets; and To Help Youth Develop Their Talent.

3. Catholic Near East Welfare Association - CNEWA is a papal agency for humanitarian and pastoral support, providing support for those in need in the Middle East, Northeast Africa, India, and Eastern Europe for more than 75 years.

Again, we will see if D&P and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops will effect some change. Thank you for your continued support.


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